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“Beyond stories, the real encounter takes place in joy, love and freedom.”

Are you getting fed up with running away from yourself, trying to escape the ceaseless chatter between your ears?
Is permanent fulfilment your deepest desire – in this moment?
Are love, truth, calmness, connection and freedom essential in your life?

If you answer ‘yes’ to even one of these questions, simply STOP SEARCHING and shift your full attention to this very moment.
Experience fully everything you feel without constructing a story around it.
Your Mind will slow down and activity is replaced by the ever-present peaceful silence,
love and freedom of your true Self. You discover that everything you were searching for is already present deep inside you.

Your connection with the source is where you start
There are many paths that lead to enlightenment. Sooner or later you will become aware that all the time you’ve actually been ‘at home’… in yourself.
One of the paths that I make available is that of recognizing and resolving all unnecessary suffering… yes, suffering caused by your identification with your body, your feelings/emotions and the relentless chatter of your Mind is to suffer unnecessarily.

I invite you to stop your thoughts for a single moment. Stop! Then make contact with your heart and the absolute Truth you find there. It is through this connection with your heart that spirited self-inquiry will guide you Home.

It is precisely through the direct experience of the source, beyond the myriad misleading stories created by your Mind and your Ego constructs, that you immediately experience the limitations of the thought patterns that are the source of unnecessary suffering.

You are invited to look at and (re)discover (time after time) at the deepest level
who you really are. That process always begins in the here-now and at the most superficial level.
It is your willingness that gives you the driving force to dive inside and experience your inner truth at the deepest levels.

Questions like these become relevant: “What’s my life all about? What do I really, most deeply, yearn for? Am I willing to give up everything that I think is relevant in order to live a life of Truth? Am I ready to relinquish all my borrowed knowledge in order to find my inherent wisdom?”
Ask yourself such questions, be still and wait… in the core of your being you already knows the answers!

When you genuinely want to know the truth and don’t want to be pawned off with some ‘spiritual philosophy’ or ‘psychological explanation’, then you are living in truth. It’s then that your opinions and judgments will dissolve, as if by themselves.
Then you’ll meet the space where all your feelings and emotions are welcome: you may laugh, be angry, disappointed or sad, like an innocent child simply experiencing what presents itself without judgement.

It is the inborn truth of the child, yet with the benefit of mature awareness. This is when you experience how your deepest desires are satisfied, your hunger is sated and there are no longer any questions. Your soul sparkles, you’ve arrived home!

Awareness, that continues to expand and grow, is the basis for how I live more than ever in the here-now.

The depth, ecstasy and bliss that I now experience are not there to be ‘understood’, nor can they be expressed in words. This state of Being is beyond the Mind.

, the Indian mystic and beloved master, has shown me the path that has led me to a life of increased lightness.

Like the American spiritual teacher Gangaji (Toni Roberson) who Freedom and Truth found when she met the Indian master Sri Poonjaji (Papaji), himself a disciple of Sri Ramana Maharshi. Her delightfully sparkling, sincere and direct approach pierced my heart like a ray of light, opening doors of self-realisation endlessly and effortlessly…
This is the lightness of Being that I love to share with you, with joy, humour, love and respect.

You are most welcome (Skype/Zoom) for ‘being together in Truth and Freedom’ (Satsang). It’s a recognised and powerful tool that can be transforming and therapeutic.

Do you feel excited about jumping into joy, love and freedom?
Then this is the moment to get in touch with me!

You can reach me at:
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