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My story of personal growth and development is a lifelong journey for which I’m deeply grateful. In 2016, as part of that journey, I made my second visit to India.
With (language) help from my beloved Anand Kaiyum, I wrote two articles about my experience, which have since been published on the OSHO News site.

Videha and Ma Deva Indra

Videha and Ma Deva Indra

Seven points of Mindtraining – Indra takes part in a workshop based on Atisha’s meditations, run by Videha.

Atisha the Thrice Great (982-1052 AD) was a significant spiritual figure in spreading Mahayana and Vajrayana Buddhism in Asia. He was one of the greatest alchemists the world has ever known…


Ma Deva Indra

Dropping the Mask Deva Indra’s journey inside.

For as long as I can remember, I have always been on the alert, totally aware of the space I took up and how others were encroaching on that space, and whether it was safe enough just to be me.
As a little girl I had a problem with being highly sensitive. In those days, that was something my parents (and school) considered…

Indra's artikel in tijdschrift 'DOEN'

Indra’s artikel in tijdschrift ‘DOEN’

Durf te springen! Kom in actie en ‘spring!’ Ervaar het feest dat leven heet!
Begin 2000 publiceerde ik een artikel in het Nederlandse tijdschrift ‘DOEN’.

Al jong begonnen mijn vragen naar zingeving. Zo klein als ik was, had ik al snel door dat ‘mezelf zijn’ onveilig was. ‘Doe maar gewoon.’ Vooral niet opvallen was de boodschap…
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