Summary book and training

“Everyone is continually searching – consciously or unconsciously – for appreciation, love, freedom, happiness and fulfilment. Many people look outside themselves, while the only true source of happiness lies within each and every one of us.”

There is, however, something that tends to get in the way. This primary obstacle consists of the illusion that there is something wrong with you and the world. And it’s a serious stumbling block to waking up and loving yourself precisely the way you are. It is both ridiculous and impossible to wait until there is peace in the world, until you are perfect, until you are in a state of radiant health, until you’ve received all the appreciation you think you want or your fear has been quenched or your pain has been healed. In truth, there is absolutely nothingthat you can influence in any way simply by your willpower, by your ego.

Be assured that everythingis already exactly as it should be!
And how can you be certain of that?
Simply by observing the reality around you. Argue with reality and you will always lose!

The only way to find peace is to accept yourself completely. Totally. Just the way you are. And as soon as you find that peace in yourself, your whole being starts overflowing with love and trust… and the world around you simply changes as a reflection of who you now are.

This book is designed to support you in showing you how you can live your life based on love, connection, playfulness, wellbeing, freedom and joy.

Simple practical and effective exercises help you to open the door to the being you really are, to your essence, your source, your buddha nature… where you can find all the answers that you already possess.

All that is required on this path of awakening is the commitment to obey the inner voice and to maintain an open mind and an open heart. It’s about your willingness to become aware – every moment of every day – of the drama you create and the games you play.

You will get answers to questions like:
Who am I?
What is the meaning of birth and death?
How do I know if I am dreaming or am awake?
What is consciousness?
What is religion – and what or who is God?
What is ‘inner alchemy’?
What is truth?
How can I live from my heart?
What is my ‘buddha nature’?
What is the mind and what is the ego?
How can I stop my thoughts?
What is meditation?
What can I do to achieve my full potential?
And of course lots more!

The answers that you get will both surprise and liberate you
You will discover that you already possess all of the answers – they’re already present, somewhere deep inside you.

You will become (more) aware of the basic fact that you are notyour thoughts. You may choose to believewhat you think, but even that is unnecessary.

When you have experienced who you really are and know where the answers lie, then you can simply stop searching… the answers will blossom and come to life in you. Your potential is like a seed that sprouts, grows and becomes a magnificent flower.

In the depths of your being, your essence, you… are… simply… pure… CONSCIOUSNESS.
This pure consciousness is always and forever FREE!
The expression of this pure consciousness is LOVE.
Love and freedom belong together, like the wings of a bird.

Awareness is the starting point of what gradually changes into pure consciousness. This is a path that unfolds in endless, limitless awakening. You become aware of the divine nature, truth and beauty in yourself and others. The dewdrop has returned to its source and merged with the divine ocean.
You have arrived back home!

“This book has a fresh vitality that is unique. It’s often radical, but it’s always overflowing with love… for you in your purest essence.”
Anand Kaiyum