Summary book and training

“Everyone is continually searching – consciously or unconsciously – for connection, validation, appreciation, love, freedom, happiness and purpose in their lives. While many people look outside themselves, the only true source of happiness is to be found inside every one of us.”

I feel as if thousands of thoughts are racing around inside my head. I heave a sigh, wishing there were a switch I could throw to turn off all these thoughts.

Then one day, at last, during one of my daily meditations, I discover this off-switch. The calmness and clarity that result help me to dive deeper into myself with a joyous feeling of coming home where I belong. In this precious place I meet all the confusing Mind games like desire, incomprehension, loneliness, pain, projections, judgements, fear, anger, sickness, jealousy, the sense of not being good enough… and above all, the incessant background chatter of my stressful thoughts. In this inner depth I discover that it is not actually my thoughts that cause my distress; rather it is my identification with the content of my thoughts that causes all the trouble. By identifying with my negative thoughts, I actually believed that they formed the basis of who I thought I was. And it was precisely that belief that caused me to lose contact with my divine essence.

 “Every emotion is always linked to a thought. By allowing yourself to be determined by your thoughts, you live separated from your true nature.”

The battle between the ears
Much later, in my professional work, I came to realise that most people are plagued by just a few repetitive thoughts that focus on the same old issues.

The most prolific thoughts concern events that have simply been inadequately experienced and processed. This, in turn, leads to the need to be validated, receive attention, love, appreciation, respect and freedom, and prolong the search for happiness, belief structures and ‘meaning in life’. Incomplete processing also fuels the pursuit of power, violence, sex, money and revenge.
All such ‘needy’ thoughts are addictive; the Mind needs them in order to survive. And the Mind is not who you really are…

From problems to solutions
Well, then, who are you really? Your longing for happiness, freedom, love and truth has set you off in pursuit of answers. You look outside of yourself, even though the only true source of bliss lies within. You start believing that there’s something wrong with you and with the world. This conviction soon extinguishes the light that you were born with. It’s a thought that becomes the primary obstacle to waking up and loving yourself exactly as you are.

The power of acceptance
It is both unrealistic and impossible to hang around waiting till there’s world peace, till you’re perfect or healthy, till you’ve received all the appreciation you think you want, till your fears have been resolved or your pain has disappeared. There is in reality nothing wrong with you and the world and there is nothing that you can influence in any way at all by your willpower.

You can only find peace by becoming (more) aware and by total acceptance of yourself. From the moment you find that peace in yourself, your whole being will be filled to overflowing with love and trust. In turn, these qualities ensure that the world outside changes as if by magic.

Remember, everything is exactly as it should be! Right now.
And how can you be sure that this is so?
Look around you – that is reality.
Struggle against reality and you will always lose.

Insight into the Mind
This book is designed to open new dimensions in your consciousness so that you gain insight into the games your Mind plays – insight into your ego and your dysfunctional behaviour patterns.
The texts give you the keys and show you how you can live your life based on authenticity. Practical, straightforward and effective exercises help you open the door to who you really are.

The only requirement on this path of awakening is that you follow your inner impulses. True, an open Mind and an open heart are also crucial, along with your willingness to open up to the awareness – in each moment of every day – of how you create your own dramas and destructive concepts.
That is when you’ll start using your problems and challenges to awaken your buddha nature (‘buddhahood’) instead of letting these unwelcome aspects be obstacles on your path towards the light of consciousness.

How the book is set up
The solid backbone of the book is formed by seven chapters that are based on three ‘pillars of wisdom’:

– Truth
– Mind
– No-Mind
Each of the seven main chapters consists of seven sutras, making a total of 49 gems of inestimable value.

You will discover answers to questions such as:
Who am I?
What is the purpose of birth and death?
How do I know if I’m dreaming or am awake?
What is consciousness?
What is religion – and what or who is God?
What is ‘inner alchemy’?
What is truth?
How can I live from my heart?
What is my buddha nature?
What is Mind and what is ego?
How can I stop my thoughts?
What is meditation?
How can I help my potential to flourish?
And of course a lot more besides!

The answers will surprise and liberate you!
From the moment you discover that all the answers are already present within you, you start flourishing! Just compare with how a seed awaits the right conditions before it begins to sprout…

You become more conscious simply by integrating the fact that you are not your thoughts. You may choose
to believe your thoughts, but even that is not necessary.

Freedom from drama
As you’ll discover, both past and future are a dream, an illusion. Suffering is caused by your thoughts, by the mental picture you create of past and future.

You will embark on the greatest adventure in your life when you start meditating and experimenting with the key messages contained in the sutras.
You will discover how false the dramas are that you have created and that keep you imprisoned.

Above all, you will realise and experience that true bliss can only be enjoyed when you let go of all feelings, desires, hope, beliefs and expectations. You will then experience that there is an unborn, timeless, undying consciousness that has always existed and will always continue to exist.

The chattering of your Mind will be calmed and you will experience joyous contact with your essence.
You’re on the brink of discovering the ultimate truth of a state beyond the Mind: the state of No-Mind.

What are sutras?
These are short, compact, thought-provoking texts in the tradition of Siddhartha Gautama Buddha that set you out on your path of waking up. You will see that there is no separation (‘duality’) and that everyone is in essence connected (‘unity’).

Each sutra is like a bead on a mala (a necklace version of a rosary). All the beads are connected with each other by a thread. Together, all these beads, these sutras, form the core of this book.
The sutras reveal a secret that, together with Osho’s crystal-clear explanations, are messages of eternal wisdom.
The accompanying practical instructions help you to integrate the teachings as you deal with your day-to-day challenges.
Osho presents the sutras as ‘fertiliser’ that is necessary to help you wake up and develop compassion and unconditional love for yourself and those around you.
The texts give you the keys and show you how you can live your life based on authenticity. Practical, straightforward and effective exercises help you open the door to who you really are.

How to use this book
Although the book is part of an experiential training, you can benefit immediately from the core truths simply b
y reading it; it’s designed both as a source of preparatory work as well as for reference.
Apart from the training, the contents will serve to stimulate your process of growing awareness, whether you read it from cover to cover or just open it anywhere to absorb whatever presents itself to you at that moment.
Straightforward, practical and effective exercises challenge you to look closely at your judgements and resistance so as to become more conscious of your habits and the traps you create for yourself.

In the depths of your being, your essential core, you are pure consciousness.

This pure consciousness is always and eternally free.
The expression of this pure consciousness is love.
Love and freedom belong together, like the two wings of a bird.

Growing awareness is the beginning of what gradually changes into pure consciousness. It is a path that reveals itself in an eternal, unbounded awakening.
You become aware of the truth and beauty in yourself and your fellow men.
The dewdrop has allowed itself to dissolve into the divine ocean.
You have come home!

“Total freedom can only be achieved through total acceptance beyond desires and needs.”
Ma Deva Indra

“This book has a freshness and power that is unique. Sometimes radical, but always full of love for you.”
Anand Kaiyum